About Us

Imagine for a moment that every person in your organization and every independent action taken by a member of your hospital staff could be represented by a single metal ball.

Your doctors, your community members, nurses, department managers, full and part time staff–each of them have the power to make an impact on your hospital.

When one ball impacts another; no matter what the speed or distance, its energy and momentum is transmitted to everyone and everything connected to your organization.

The motion behind a single action forces a collision that can create amazing and often times, unexpected reactions.

How did a facial expression or tone of voice impact a patient’s experience?
Why did the timing and method for relaying a replacement hospital project create support or opposition from your community?
How does outmigration continue to occur with new primary care providers on board?

Since 1989, Impact! has been helping hospitals understand how communication and culture change are connected, and generate momentum that:

Our successful outcomes on your behalf are a result of experience, enlightened vision, thoughtful, meticulous planning, careful consideration, attention to detail, and competency in execution. This is what Impact! has been providing our clients for over 20 years. We generate a complete range of essential consulting, communications, and creative services, and are committed to exceeding your expectations while achieving your goals.

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