You can make a case for a modern facility; however, the community may not automatically agree with or support the decision to move forward.

Hospitals are the cornerstone of their communities, yet many facilities can no longer accommodate modern healthcare needs. Mandated patient privacy and safety, customer comfort and service drive reimbursement and reward. Replacement, modernization and expansion projects are essential for a hospital’s longevity and financial survival.

When a multi-million dollar building project is the solution, how can hospital leaders ensure they have the support of their employees and community?

Impact! Communications, Inc. helps healthcare leaders to Get the YES. Whether we start with you from the very first stages of your planning process or if you find your project in crisis due to unforeseen opposition, we have the experience and the expertise to give your project the momentum needed in order to move it forward, and keep it moving in the right direction.

We are exceptionally qualified to guide hospitals through the process of communicating their story and articulating what it is they need from their teams, providers and community.

Our work is done largely behind the scenes. From the delicate first introduction of the plan to the community to preparing employees for the changing healthcare landscape, from groundbreaking to grand opening of your new facility, we remain focused on ensuring the organization is seen in the most positive light. And we ensure the project receives the appropriate attention where and when needed.

How do we help you Get the YES? By:

The Impact! approach for hospital building projects is aligned with the organization’s plans for growing service areas and recruiting providers. Once in a new facility or renovated space, the momentum must continue. We can help with that too. Learn more about how we bring new patients and revenue through your front door.