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Wong-Baker FACES Foundation Podcast Focuses on Culture Transformation, Communications and Customer Satisfaction in Hospitals

CHICAGO – July 14, 2016 – Impact! Communications, Inc. founder and CEO Michelle Rathman is featured in the new episode of the Wong-Baker FACES Foundation podcast “Faces of Pain Care.” During the interview, Rathman detailed her experience with traumatic care she received when diagnosed and treated for malignant melanoma. The experience as a patient spurred her to shift the focus of her firm’s work to helping hospitals and health practices achieve positive culture transformation. Rathman also discussed the need for greater emotional intelligence, communications skills, team leadership development and staff engagement as critical steps in facilitating better patient care and reducing pain and trauma.

“There is a big need for hospitals to provide care in a different way,” she said. “We need to help hospital leaders make attitude change happen. The key to this is employee satisfaction. We also have to do a better job teaching leadership teams to learn more about personality types and the communication skills best suited for these different types. The number one cause of crises in hospitals today is without a doubt rooted in communications.”

The podcast series highlights people who are making a significant difference in pain care and atraumatic care, which minimizes or eliminates physical and psychological distress for patients and families. The Wong-Baker FACES is a pain rating scale originally created with children for children to help them communicate about their pain. The scale is used around the world with people ages three years and older. Connie Baker, executive director of Wong-Baker FACES and co-creator of the FACES pain management scale, hosted the podcast. (

 About Impact! Communications, Inc.

Impact! is an award-winning healthcare strategy, communications, leadership development, and community engagement firm that provides healthcare strategy and planning services to hospitals, healthcare systems, and critical access hospitals (CAHs) in the rural healthcare sector.

 Rural hospitals provide essential health care services to nearly 54 million people in the United States, including 9 million Medicare beneficiaries. Across 45 states, 1,330 critical access hospitals (CAHs) provide essential medial care to rural communities.

For more information about Impact! Communications, Inc., visit You can follow Michelle at@MRBimpact.

 About Wong-Baker FACES Foundation

The Wong-Baker FACES pain rating scale was completed in 1983. The Wong-Baker FACES Foundation, founded in 2009, continues the work of scale co-creators Donna Wong and Connie Baker in providing global access to the FACES pain management scale and promoting optimal pain assessment, pain management and atraumatic care. The foundation’s mission is to facilitate communication and improve the assessment of pain so it can be managed and addressed effectively. For more information, visit




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