Michelle Rathman Is Featured Speaker at Colorado Rural Health Annual Conference


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 Healthcare Leadership Expert Speaks on Closing the Generational Communication Gap

 CHICAGO, IL -- October 20, 2016 -- Michelle Rathman, president and chief executive officer of Chicago-based Impact! Communications Inc. will speak at the Colorado Rural Health Annual Conference on October 20 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her topic is “Strategies to Help Close the Generational Communication Gap with Patients and Caregivers.” Impact! is an award-winning healthcare strategy, communications, leadership development, and community engagement firm that provides healthcare strategy and planning services to hospitals, healthcare systems, and critical access hospitals (CAHs) in the rural healthcare sector.

 Rural hospitals provide essential health care services to 62 million people in the United States. Across all 50 states, rural hospitals, critical access hospitals (CAHs), and clinics provide essential medial care to rural communities. In 2009, Impact! produced a short-form documentary highlighting the important role CAHs play in rural communities, profiling several in Illinois and other parts of the country.

 “Working with multigenerational hospital teams has become an increasing challenge for many hospitals,” said Rathman. “Closing the generational communication gap with patients and caregivers is critical for rural hospitals and CAHs to achieve organizational excellence in their communities.”

Over the past several years, many rural hospitals and CAHs throughout the United States have struggled to survive due to rising costs of care and decreased reimbursements, recruitment and retention of high-quality clinicians and staff, as well as challenges related to healthcare reform readiness. Rural hospitals and CAHs bring tremendous value to the communities they serve -- they are typically the only sources of medical or social services care for patients in rural communities.

About the conference

The annual conference, which runs October 20 & 21, draws rural health administrators, other healthcare professionals and leading experts in the field. It keeps participants informed about the latest changes in rural healthcare policy, healthcare workforce issues, and the challenges rural healthcare providers are facing. For more information, contact info@coruralhealth.org or visit www.coruralhealth.org.


About Impact!

Since 1989, Impact has been guiding hospitals through transition, crisis, and communication and organizational challenges. A nationally known healthcare consulting firm, Impact! works with CAHs, rural hospitals and systems across the United States, helping them to create sustainable programs to engage community, change perceptions, improve internal communications and team performance, build strategic partnerships, recruit physicians, and enhance and grow service areas. Company founder Michelle Rathman is a featured speaker and master workshop facilitator for a number of rural health and hospital forums. For more information, visit www.doitwithimpact.com or follow her at @MRBImpact.




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