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Improving Customer Service & HCAHPS

In a perfect world, your employees and physicians would be the very best ambassadors for your hospital. Skilled, conscientious and exuding an optimistic, can-do spirit, they would embody your hospital's mission, values and guiding principles in their every word, deed and action. But this is not a perfect world, and the people in your hospital are not perfect, either.

Patient satisfaction means so much more today than ever before. Poor ratings and perceptions threaten your bottom line, and using patient feedback to determine reimbursements is a practice hospitals must adapt to.

Excellent customer service is not intuitive; it must be taught and constantly reinforced. Negative interactions between staff, a patient or a family member, can result in poor survey ratings and outmigration and even threaten your hospital’s ability to perform well and reach its goals.

We realize that it's often easier to define "poor" customer service; after all, we see evidence of it every day. At Impact! Communications, we are successful at changing the way team members feel about delivering customer service, making it an integral part of patient care.

Our goal is to help you define what outstanding customer service is; then we chart a strategy to help you achieve it, with every customer interaction, every day.

The Impact! Customer Service Transformation Series is right-sized for rural hospitals and teaches staff members at all levels how to:

Impact! Communications, Inc. has proven and effective tools and training programs that teaches employees the art of delivering excellent customer service—even under the most high-stress circumstances.