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The reality of the business world today and in the future requires innovation, wisdom, and the ability to create viable opportunities.


Michelle Rathman Batschke is the President and CEO of Impact! Communications, Inc., a company she founded in 1989. Michelle is a strategist, master idea generator and facilitator, certified trainer, professional speaker, writer and published author.  Impact! is a nationally known and award-winning healthcare consulting firm that guides hospitals through transition, crisis, growth, modernization and replacement facility projects. Her clients have included academic hospitals, for profit physician practices, colleges of medicine, and nursing institutions; however, her passion is rural (growing up, she was the granddaughter of a Minnesota farm family).  Since 2005, she has worked with Critical Access Hospitals across the United States, and through a grant provided by the Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network, she produced an educational documentary intended to give CAHs a multi-media tool to explain what their designation means, as well as the important role CAHs play in rural communities and economies. Through the Impact! Community Engagement Toolkits, small and rural hospitals have cost-effective and easy-to-implement programs and tools that foster community support, promote responsible and appropriate use of local healthcare resources, and reverse outmigration. The Impact! Team Transformation process focuses on helping hospital leaders change negative perceptions, improve internal and team performance communication, enhance the patient experience, build and strengthen strategic partnerships, and grow key revenue service areas.  Perhaps more than anything, Michelle’s commitment for cementing a culture of excellence was ignited by her disturbing experience as a dismayed patient during one of the most difficult times of her life -- and a time when “patient-centered” was not in our vocabulary.

Make them laugh or make them cry, but for goodness sake, if they’ve taken time out to hear what you have to say, move them until something great happens!

Michelle Rathman Batschke has been featured in countless publications, providing nuggets of wisdom and insight from her broad experiences in business and life. She engages audiences on a variety of topics, and with her unique brand of humor and no-nonsense style, you can expect everybody to enjoy the journey she takes them on.

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